From the Director Desk

It gives me immense pleasure to be with you through this dreamful reach of web page which is really a priceless mean of reaches for all of us. The spirit which occurred within me is not a sudden upheaval of my existence which made me gathering stones to build a palatial building and Christian it to be a school. Number of universities, what of schools have thrived and have been under construction by the builders and concentratic attitudes of material values but do you ?even can you think it ever that it may have an abode of learners? No, Never, I summarily reject this idea. I clearly think that a mansion made of stone, bricks and mortar may be habitat and not a school. A school must have educational spirits, accomplished teachers, disciplined company, outstanding ideas and receiving pupils. Do you think, one can make you a good listener easily? Perhaps, no……. One can make you a good communicator who can do promises, who can make one dreaming and ultimately cheated to be turned to follow contractors of society. In policed language these contractors of society are said decision makers. Gurukul system will guide our society to be rational, reasonable, logical and nothing but a man or woman. You can find anything, everything but your search for some spiritual men and women will end in vain. Try to think over it and if I seemto be telling right , rest your entity to be searching the way which can forge a chain of social unity for which human beings are born. You may have a try withour findings you may have a company of GURUKUL educational system.