Welcome to Gurukul Vidyapeeth
GurukalVidyapeeth Rampur Nausahan, Hajipur is not only a part of mushrooming of school led by business tycoons with an investment of millions of rupees with an eye on worthfulreturn in terms of money. It is a kind of endeavor made by a person who had been inspired and enlightened by the kind grace of person who has propagated the theory of NEO-HUMANISTTIC EDUCATION for the sake of human beings to turn the sprouting resources of human into a cultured gentleman and ladies and not a machine of materialistic achievement to boast upon. Actually we see derth of human in crowd of a huge population and suspect that all the social, economic and political problems of nowadays are the repercussions of misguided zeals of ours.
Valuable resources are easily being turned into money making machines and end in thirst of discontentment and lack of ease at the verge of the end of eventful history of Shakespearean seven ages of life propagated in ??As you like it?? the famous comedy. It is well known that we have to do a great deal for devil if wewant to do a little for the God.
We believe that human body is a temple of living God and it must be fade on metaphysical, intellectual and then physical diet. Ours are the type of education which enriches the thinking skill of human being by well accepted method of yoga. Meditation and true sense of devotion.
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CBSE Curriculum
CBSE Syllabus is the list of topics and subtopics to be covered in the course of study during an academic year. CBSE syllabus includes the summary and gist of content to be gone through during teaching and learning process in a particular grade or class. CBSE issues syllabus booklets for classes 9, 10, 11 and 12. This curriculum is revised every year. For classes 1-8, CBSE does not provide exact content in terms of syllabus but suggests some common components to be followed as given in NCF-2005 and guidelines issues by NCERT.

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From the Principal's Desk
I wandered years after years to get a true sense of education. I had been to schools, universities, Places of historical importance and met a lot of scholarly people with a
burning bowels to be pacified. My searches were all within the facts and feedings of widely accepted legendry entities with degrees and accomplishments of recognition
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Unique features

These make us different from others.

Expert teacher

Our teachers have become experts at understanding the developmental characteristics and needs of children at the grade level they are teaching.

Smart class

It brought an exhaustive repository of world class digital modules or lessons, (consisting of 2D and 3D animations, graphics, audio and video) on every subject


The school library is an integral part of a good methodological teaching. The reading room of library is furnished with required and fittings.

Computer lab

The school has a well furnished computer lab keeping up with the need of the time. Computer classes are compulsory for all students right from std-1 onwards.

Science lab

To maintain and honour the scientific temperament of the youths the school is well equipped in advance. It has got three separate laboratory for Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

Games & Sports

The school has a separate playground and provide facilities for all popular games like football, volleyball, cricket, hockey, basketball and athletics.

What our alumni say